image of Brew Cloud app's Calculators screen showing Brix to Gravity, DME & LME conversion, Hydrometer Temperature Adjustment, IBU, Mash & Sparge Water, Priming Sugar, OG, FG & ABV, SRM, Water Chemistry and Yeast Pitch Rate

Essential Calculators

Includes 12 of the most essential homebrewing calculators to make sure brew day goes without a hitch. From calculating how much mash water you need to figuring out the perfect amount of salt additions, Brew Cloud has a calculator for even the most advanced brewers.

image of Brew Cloud app's Ingredients Editor screen showing Hops

Ingredients Editor

Edit any of the thousands of built-in ingredients and add custom ones too. Don't see your favorite bittering hop? Create it once so you can re-use it for any recipe. Are the Alpha Acids only 10% for this years crop of Citra? You can easily change it with the tap of a button.

Recipe Builder

Create new recipes in seconds. Brew Cloud's enhanced recipe building technology
allows you to easily build a new pilot recipe from scratch so you can easily
see what your beer stats will be before brew day including: ABV, IBU, SRM, OG, FG, Calories, Carbs and more.

  • Icon of calculator

    Auto Calculate

    As you add ingredients, Brew Cloud will automatically calculate your brew stats.

  • Icon of grains

    Extract/All Grain

    Brew Cloud supports both Extract and All Grain brewing methods.

image of brew cloud app's recipes screen with homebrew recipe's Pluto's Pancake Batter - Imperial Oatmeal Stout
  • Icon of duplicate


    Want to riff on a previous recipe? Easily duplicate and swap ingredients.

  • Icon of exporting


    Ability to import beer XML files and share your recipes with friends.

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